Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The NBA. Where Dwayne Wade Happens.

From last night's game against the Chicago Bulls...

Simply Amazing.

Dwayne Wade has been a demi-god as of late. Fantasy owners every have been reaping in his insane stat lines he puts up every other night; I know I regret not conjuring up some offers to send for him.

But look beyond the numbers, and at the man behind them. In all honesty, I wasn't completely on the "Wade 2.0" bandwagon after the Summer Olympics. Despite his superstardom, I still believed he was injury prone, and incapable of leading a directionless and limited Miami team anywhere.

I remember watching a Heat game early in the season; they were playing against the Blazers, and it was one of those games that was close all the way til the final minutes. But even though the score was close, it seemed like the Heat were destined to lose that game, and they did. Despite Wade's monumental efforts (36pt, 8asts, 6reb, 3blks, 2stls) that night, he was all that the Heat had. All their offense, all their energy came from this one guy. At that point, I predicted Wade would have a frustrating season. One of those seasons where he has to clock in 40ish minutes a night, put up ridiculous numbers, still lose, and wind up injured half-way into January due to all the wear-and-tear. Wade was good, but I did not think he was that good.

Wade has proven me wrong.

It's unbelievable what this man can do night-in and night-out. Playing full-throttle at , Wade has been a force at both ends of the court: breakaway dunks, acrobatic layups, highlight-reel blocks, and last-second buzzer beaters. What's even more amazing is what he's done with what would otherwise be a bottom-dwelling team. Wade hasn't had consistent help all year. Shawn Marion struggled with injuries early on, and only played for a while with the Heat before being shipped to Toronto. Chalmers and Beasley have both shown flashes potential, but neither are reliable on a nightly basis. Jermaine O'neal has managed to avoid sitting out thus far, but he's no longer the post presence he used to be. Taking all this along with a rookie coach into account, and you'll recognize the magnitude of Wade's accomplishments this year.

2008-2009 was supposed to be the year of Dwade's "comeback"

I say it's more than that. Wade has reached another level.
I'm on the #3 bandwagon. Wade for MVP!

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