Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cinderella Story

Every year, I participate in a fantasy basketball league with some of my high school alum. We play H2H, standard 9 cats, 10 positions (PG,SG,G,SF,PF,F,C,C,Util,Util) with 4 bench spots. While normally pretty competitive, this league was especially competitive this year. This year also happened to be the first year we transitioned into a keeper league.

Following the draft, I was pretty satisfied with my team; being 12th pick, I took Deron Williams knowing that his ankle injury would keep him out for a while. I never could have imagined how large an impact his injury would have on my fantasy season. Here's a weekly look at my team's (T3Oriental) record:
Don't be fooled by all the wins you see. I started the season in the worst possible fashion; four huge losses to four eventual playoff teams. At the start of week 5, I was dead last. Deron's ankle was still messed up, Al Harrington gave me zeroes across the board for weeks, and Joakim Noah was a dud. The string of wins following the horrendous start weren't all that great either; I could only win 6-3 or 5-4, never really gaining ground on the front of the pack.

The season continued as an uphill struggle. Bogut was up and down (and eventually completely out) with his back issues, Rip Hamilton was out for a while, and Marvin Williams went down during the final stretch of the season. The week before the playoffs, I was still sitting out in 7th (or 8th) place. Luckily for me, I squeaked into the playoff race thanks to some huge free agent contributions, and losses by the other teams competing for the last few spots. Here's how the standings looked at the end of the season:
Spots 4-10 were separated by just 4.5 games (also note my league high 66 moves...I was streaming like it was my job). The fight for the playoffs was long and gruesome. And the time since hasn't been that much easier.

That being said, my team has trucked it to the championship match. From last place to (almost) the top, this season has been one crazy journey. The championship week matchup is going to be tough; though I'm facing the 6 seed, he's got a stacked lineup (Kobe, Durant, Dwight Howard, Boozer, etc) and is also rolling. But win or lose, I'm chalking this year up as an accomplishment.

Wish me luck

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