Monday, February 23, 2009

(not so) Quick Hits: Mon 2/23

  • NY vs IND game was a fantasy goldmine. Here are some notables from that game:
    -Jarett Jack had 33pts on 11-19 shooting. He topped that with 3 assists, 3 rebs, and 3 3pters.
    -Marquis Daniels is flourishing in Granger and Dunleavy's absence. 28pts on 12-23 shooting.
    -Troy Murphy doesn't get enough attention. 19pts and 21 rebs! He even tossed in a 3 pter.
    -Nate Robinson dropped 41pts on 11-18 shooting. Sounds like no one played defense today.
    -Al Harrington had 27 and David Lee had 20pts and 13 rebs
  • In Philly vs NJ:
    -Andre Miller had 17 and 10 assists. Dalembert got a double double with 13-10 and 2 blks. Iggy had 21-9-5 (pts,rebs,asts)
    -Devin Harris had a monster line: 39-2-8 with 5 3's, 2 stls, and a block.
  • Boston vs Denver was another blowout victory for the Celtics
    -The only real thing to note in a game like this is Ray Allen's 26pts and 6 3's. Seeing the Celtics manhandle their last few opponents without KG is scaring the rest of the league right now.
  • ATL vs Utah. Another game blown wide open.
    - Deron put up his expected 15pts and 10 asts. The Jazz are still slowly working Boozer back into the lineup. He had 2pts and 5 rebs in 21 mins.
  • There are still games that have yet to be concluded: NO vs SAC and GS vs LAC
    -Sjax is going off for the Warriors right now. He's got 20pts with 6mins left in the first half.
    -Tyson Chandler has rejoined the Hornets' lineup, though he's only got 3pts and 5rebs at the half.

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