Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fantasy Radar: Chris Bosh Setting Up for Big Things

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In an expected move, Chris Bosh - one of the NBA's elite power forwards - has decided against signing an extension with the Toronto Raptors, which in turn makes him a free agent in the summer of 2010.

Bosh has made it more than clear that he is expecting a max deal next summer from whichever teams decide to pursue him, including the Raptors. Being a contract year, we can expect Bosh to come out hard this next year. The Toronto Sun also reports that CB4 is bulking up this offseason. Bosh has started early on a training regiment with strength trainer Ken Roberson of Dallas, along with a strict diet that calls for more than the standard 3 meals a day.

From a fantasy basketball perspective, this news is music to an owner's ears. Bosh finished the 08-09 season ranked 13th in per game averages, and 15th in total stats on yahoo sports. Already an exceptionally well rounded fantasy player - he scores, rebounds, blocks shots, and shoots decent percentages for a big man - the added bulk and money motivator may just push Bosh to the next level, both skill-wise and statistically.

Normally a player drafted on the 1st/2nd round borderline, you may want to consider Bosh a little earlier this season. Guys like Garnett, Duncan, Camby, and Marion are playing out the latter phases of their career, and clearly are not capable of putting up stats like they did three years ago. Elton Brand (drafted 5 spots ahead of Bosh last season) has completely fallen off the map in Philadelphia, and goes into 09-10 as a question mark with his shoulder issues. With these guys shifting down, Bosh is now arguably one of fantasy basketball's top big men with Amare and Dirk.

Everyone knows that quality bigs are hard to come by in fantasy basketball. And everyone also knows how crucial quality bigs are to a strong fantasy title. If you find yourself drafting with picks 7-10 this coming Fall, do yourself a favor and at least strongly consider taking Chris Bosh.

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