Friday, May 22, 2009

Cavaliers vs Magic Game 2: Afterthoughts

Holy crap that game was insane.
(AP Photo/David Richard)
  • Magic down by 23pts at one point in the first half...12 by halftime...and 6 by the end of the third quarter. The Cavaliers are going to have to learn how to protect their leads if they want to win it all.
  • Courtney Lee's stat line does not do him justice (11pts, 1 assist). This guy has a beautiful jumpshot, range from beyond the arc, and is fearless when attacking the rim.
  • Mo Williams is overrated. Sure he came up with a couple of big shots down the stretch, but I mean he's just playing the role of an undersized 2 that only has to hit jump shots.
  • Anderson Varejao...I hate that guy.
  • Gortat had a right to be angry after the refs called that blocking foul on him. I swear he was planted for an eternity before (whoever it was) made his move. It's calls like these that make you wonder if the refs are rigging these games...
  • Dwight Howard - where was he the entire fourth quarter? I don't think he shot the ball once. I can understand SVG wanting the ball in Hedo's and Lewis's hands...but not to go to your beast down low at all during the most critical moments of the game? That just doesn't seem right.
  • a quote from a friend: "have you noticed how much better Hedo is in the fourth quarter than the rest of the game?" And to answer that, yes I have. Hedo made so many huge plays down the stretch. It's too bad that...
  • ...Lebron hit that game winning three-pointer. That shot was a thing of beauty; a huge rainbow right as the clock expired. It may have also saved the Cavs from losing the series. Imagine how they would feel being down 0-2 after not having lost a single game in the first two rounds...
Things to take away from games 1 & 2:

Orlando Magic: SVG needs to get his players ready to play right from the get-go, as opposed to 8 minutes into the second quarter. Instead of playing catch-up in the 3rd quarter, they could be building on a lead. However, as heartbreaking as game 2's loss was, Orlando shouldn't feel too bad about it. Hedo guarded Lebron as well as anyone could without fouling James. Leaving Cleveland with a 1-1 split ain't bad either.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Mo Williams needs to step up. Shooting 33% in times as crucial as these is simply unacceptable. He is supposed to be the Robin to Lebron's Batman, but right now he's barely passing as Alfred. The Cavs need someone else to put the ball in the bucket so Lebron can get some rest. James might be able to single-handedly will his team past the Magic, but he's going to be exhausted for the finals if he does.

I must say that these conference finals, both in the East and the West, are giving us fans some amazing basketball to watch.

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