Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lebron "The Six" (Lebron VI's)

Here's a link to a wordsearch-ish type of thing from Nike.com promoting Lebron James's newest shoe, The Six.

The Drive Inside

Basically, you need to find 16 words/things that motivate and inspire Lebron to do what he does. If you're up for the challenge, give it a shot. But if looking at the image gives you a headache, I've gone through the trouble of finding all 16 words and posted them below.

Once you complete the wordsearch, you're entered in a drawing to win a pair of The Six. Yes, I know you're probably not going to win, but it's worth a shot right?

Lebron The Six Answers
  • witness
  • family
  • basketball
  • akron
  • vision
  • four horsemen
  • winning
  • chosen one
  • respect
  • Lebron jr
  • bryce maximus
  • passion
  • rising son
  • ohio
  • gloria
  • fearless

(make sure you keep the two-word answers separate as two words)

Good luck with that.

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