Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lebron to Detroit in 2010?

After reading the million-and-one breakdowns of the Iverson-Billups trade. Yahoo writer Adrian Wojnarowski has come up with an interesting look into the deeper implications of the trade.

This right here, is why us fans in Detroit love Joe Dumars; this guy always has something up his sleeve: a hidden plan. While the majority of the basketball world is looking at how Iverson will fit into the Pistons, or whether or not Billups will be able to carry the Nuggets, Dumars is sitting in his office looking to lure (arguably) the best player in the NBA.

Think about it; the Iverson deal is actually genius. Regardless of how well he fits in...he is still ALLEN IVERSON. The Pistons have too much talent on the team to fall too far. At worst, Detroit loses in the second round of the playoffs. I even dare to say that Detroit would make a second round appearance without AI or Billups; Hamilton, Sheed, and Prince are strong enough to carry the team that far in the Leastern Conference.

I won't go into detail over the relations Joe Dumars has with Lebron's agents. Go read the linked article, it makes this trade sound that much more appealing.

So as of now, the Pistons have a superstar tapering to the end of his career joining a very strong core of players. By the time 2010 comes around, the Pistons still have Hamilton, Prince, and more matured versions of Stuckey, Maxiell, and Amir. What other organization has this type of team to offer Lebron in 2010? Whether or not they win the championship this year, the Pistons will remain highly competitive while positioning themselves to adjust for the future. Gotta love Joe D.

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Brian Chiang said...

naw.. we're not gettin LBJ. Bosh or Boozer more likely. Either way, great trade both short term and long term. Joe D for prez.